Saturday, January 21, 2012

Get In Close - Telephoto Lenses For Your Camera

Photography lets us capture some of the most amazing subject matters in stunning detail and visual beauty that we may otherwise have missed or never get the opportunity to see.  Get up close to a distant waterfall, capture a bird resting in the treetop canopy or put yourself right in the middle of the action!

Telephoto lenses are the perfect camera accessory for all sorts of photography, including action shots, wildlife photography, nature scenes, sunsets, or even astrophotography for amazing images of the stars. By mastering the unique effects that these types of lenses provide, you'll be able to create some stunning compositions that let you get in close.

Telephoto Lens Effects

Flattening - our eyes are designed to perceive depth of field, so we can detect relative distances between objects. However, telephoto lenses will flatten the image and your perspective - so objects that are relatively far apart will appear closer together and the spatial relationships become distorted.  The advantage of this effect is the ability to expand on your compositions and include more within the frame.

 Framing - by closing the gap on large distances, photographers have more control over their framing.  Telephoto lenses allow you to frame your images creatively.  Meanwhile, a shallow depth of field means that you can isolate your subject matter from noisy and distracting backgrounds, drawing the viewer's eye to that amazing detail you don't want to miss!

More options - telephoto lenses offer you more options and ways to experiment with your photography.  You can get amazing macro shots of hard to reach close-ups or capture unique action shots by panning with your telephoto lens. Why not try your hand at shooting for the stars? Keep in mind that even the slightest movement will be exaggerated with telephoto lenses so, use a tripod and practice, practice, practice!

Telephoto lenses - not just for SLRs

Meanwhile, Canon has just released the world's first compact digital camera to house a huge super telephoto 35x zoom. The Canon SX30IS 14.1MP Digital Camera with 35x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 Inch Wide LCD has the most powerful zoom lens available for photographers who want the portability of a compact machine and the power of a telephoto lens. The improved Optical Image Stabilizer will help to reduce the effects of blur caused by camera shake and ensure your shots remain clear and crisp no matter how close you zoom in. And with the amazing versatility of a 24 mm wide angle lens, you'll be able to make the most of your photo opportunities.

Canon also offers a great range of telephoto and SLR camera lenses across its range or products.


So get in close - telephoto lenses bring you right into the heat of the moment.

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