Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Capturing Marina Jacks, Sarasota, Fl

      The other day was so gorgeous down here, I couldn't resist going down to the local marina and create some stunning images.  I was there for about an hour before the sun became too harsh.  I took over 200 images, ended up with about 50 that I imported to edit, and out of those I ended up with 18 that are worthy of sharing.  The following are the best out of the 18.  If you would like to purchase a full resolution professional grade photo, you may do so by clicking the following link:  

      All photos were taken with a Cannon EOS RebelT3 with a cannon lens 18-55mm IS, always shot in RAW mode and imported to Photoshop Lightroom4 on a MacBook Pro via internal card slot.  Location was Marina Jacks - Sarasota, Fl (Home of the #1 Beach in the US rated by Trip Advisor - Top 25 Beaches in the U.S.

"You don't take the photograph, you make it" 
                                                             - Ansel Adams

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                                    Marina Jack, Sarasota, Fl -   01/12/2016

Paradise in Sarasota, Fl

                  f4.5              1/1600th sec              200ISO                             Purchase                

                                                            Ringling Bridge, Sarasota, Fl

f5.0              1/800th sec              200ISO                       Purchase

Sunrise at Ringling Bridge

f4.5              1/2000th sec              200ISO                      Purchase

                                                                   Sailor's Dream

f8.0              1/100th sec              200ISO                       Purchase


f4.5              1/640th sec              200ISO                        Purchase

Boater's Paradise

f8.0              1/640th sec              200ISO                         Purchase

Sunrise at the Bay

f8.0              1/400th sec              200ISO                         Purchase


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