Sunday, January 10, 2016

Photographing My Boys First Soccer Games.

       My boys had their first soccer games yesterday morning, so naturally, as both a Dad and an Amateur photographer I was really excited!   We woke up early and got everything prepared and in the truck.  Game time was 9:00, and we had to be there by 8:15.  I was a little concerned when the sun started to rise, cause now I could see that there was a dense layer of fog everywhere.  The sun was barely lighting up the sky, like a very dim soft light.  

This photo gives you an example of how foggy it was
f5.0              1/500th sec             400 ISO

       I started off in Manual Mode, and set my ISO at 400, Aperture was set low and shutter speed between 1/250 and 1/500th sec.  This was my first time shooting any kind of sports and both my boys were playing at different times, so I had time to adjust.  As the sun rose, the light kept changing, and towards the end of the 2nd game it finally came out a little and I ended up with some pretty good images.  

      The following are the best ones (in my opinion).  I took over 200 photos, and ended up with about 60 decent ones per child, to import and adjust in Lightroom.  Out of that I ended up with about 30 per child.  I did have to do some pretty dramatic changes on some of them in Lightroom, so I won't be enlarging these more than a 10 x 14 or so due to grain issues.   
I hope you enjoy,  please don't forget to leave a comment, share, like, and keep coming back for more.   

These images are from the first game 9:00 - 10:00
f4.5              1/160th sec              400ISO

f5.0              1/200th sec              400ISO

f5.6              1/200th sec              ISO 400

f5.6              1/250th sec              400 ISO

f5.6               1/640th sec              400 ISO

f5.6               1/400th sec              400 ISO

f4.5              1/320th sec              400 ISO

f4.5              1/1,000th sec              400 ISO

The next series of images are from the second game 11:00-12:00
f5.6              1/800th sec              400 ISO

f8.0              1/320th sec              800 ISO

f16.0              1/400th sec              400 ISO 

f16.0              1/400th sec              400 ISO

f14.0              1/400th sec              400 ISO

f14.0              1/400th sec              400 ISO

f14.0              1/400th sec              400 ISO

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